World Water Day



In honor of World Water Day,

Reflections after viewing Blue-Gold, a film on the water wars

Dig holes in your yard

catch the water

turn off the tap

catch the water

stop privatization of water

know your water rites,

rights and write

one young man did

make a difference

each of us can too

nestle is Perrier

no wonder the bubbles upset

my stomach

Coca Cola is Dasani

Ice Mountain Water is one too

Greed will leave us all thirsty

Desertization is happening

What the hell is Arizona about anyway?

damn the dams

let the water flow where it will

nature knows

The planet is incredible

in her capacity to renew herself

get out of the way!!

stick out your tongue

when it’s raining in some parts

and be arrested

no collecting of rain water??

people are dying

stabbing themselves in public

for water

taking bullets by police

for water

crying blood, skin turning to leather

for lack of water

Touch your body

right now

No really, right now

Touch anywhere on your body

Bless the water

Bless the water

Bless the water

As you drink your next glass of water

Feel the water inside your being

replenished by the water in the glass

feel the plumping of your cells

feel your juicy veins

feeding your generous heart

Listen to water

here in your body


and then

when you have deeply listened to the water inside

tell me what the water


Know your own waters

and you will know the waters of the universe

the water longs to be heard, felt, touched, tasted, smelled

and allowed

to flow freely

onto the page, in the rivers, in your veins, in the sparkling of stars and in the galaxy

it is not YOUR water

it is LIFE

Water blessings,


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