New Class for girls age 9-12 and the women who love them



2 Sessions Available! Saturday June 1, OR Sunday June 2, 2013

 from 11am – 5pm

Location: Dream Lodge – Wilson Creek, Sunshine Coast, BC
Registration: $100 for two participants (daughter, sister, neice, aunt, grandmother, mother, friend_- includes a yummy lunch and a journal.
To register: or call 604.803.4607 or 604.885.4663 (some scholarships may be available; please call)

After requests from both girls and women who have young ones in their lives, I have dreamed a new class, to continue to explore my ongoing thesis, that our embodiment is so essential to our development as conscious, whole human beings. The time before our teens is the foundation for the “rites of passage” we will be delivered into through our teen years. For this to occur, we need a grounded experience in the human body and as Joseph Chilton Pearce (From Magical Child to Magical Teen) says,

“Our first stage of development gives us our awareness of being physical creatures in physical bodies, and opens for us a wonderful physical world for exploration.”

This class is a playful way to support the resiliency of ourselves and girls through practices of embodiment, self regulation and creative expression. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you feel called to. You can bring your daughter, sister, niece, mother, grandmother, aunt, god daughter, or any other girl or woman you want to share a day of discovery with.

I look forward to being with you!!

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