About Paradise Found

Paradise Found

About Paradise Found
Paradise Found is a six and a half acre sanctuary on the Sunshine Coast co-created by Penny and her husband John, and shared with her dog Alex, feline friend Simba, and two Equine Guides, Kal and Dancer. Penny has been stepmother to Johnathan and Sean for 19 years, and considers them two of the greatest gifts in her life. Paradise Found is a magical place of simple beauty, surrounded by cedars, alders, Douglas fir and holly. The inner sanctuary offers an organic food and flower garden, apple and pear orchard, green meadows, deep forests, a tree house, two equine guardians, an all-season creek meandering (and sometimes roaring) through and the Eight Gates of Initiation (adapted from Angeles Arrien’s book, The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom). See The Second Half of Life offerings A Dream Lodge in the center offers a space to move, breath, sound and dream new dreams.

Day and weekend retreats are offered as well as personal retreats for those who wish sacred time designed to their individual needs. Penny offers retreats as Rites of Passage for teens, Mother/Daughter transitions, Life passages (significant birthdays and life transitions) and Artists retreats for artists wishing sanctuary for inspiration and integration.



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